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It's just not possible. Leave the PMM tanks be. When I see players and youtubers complain about the changes, they're making the classic mistake. Basically they are letting Wargaming "frame the issue" with that 2k gold and the lack of refund option.

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As someone who has 20k gold on his account without any meaningful use I can say that gold refund will effectively just remove some of my favorite tanks from my garage without giving anything back. I am definitely not going to accept that, but with because these players and youtubers were too busy complaining about the minor points the big picture is being forgotten which is exactly Wargaming's plan here. Something that is even technically very far away from what you bought. You bought your preferential matchmaking tank because you didn't want bottom tier games. They literally have programmed it into their matchmaker that it seeks to create unbalanced battles as priority which makes you bottom tier much more often than top or mid.

You shouldn't accept that because that was precisely what you were looking to avoid when you bought your PMM tank. Gold is useless for many people by now because it can't buy you most of the interesting content and you're effectively forced into buying bland tech tree premiums, burning it on free XP or buying premium time that you already have a year's worth of. Are you going to rework the Defender? You know, the tank that actually hurts the game balance and has at least partly destroyed entire game modes?

Or are the PMM tanks just a good scapegoat and does it end here? Up until now when you've bought a premium you've had this guarantee that Wargaming aren't going to change it for the worse. Nazgarth, on 23 May - Jotneblod, on 23 May - So it isn't going to be competitive against the tier 10 tanks that it faces in most battles. This is the problem, it will be yet another passive [edited] support tank just like all the other tier 8s and can't do its heavy tank duty in most games.

Do you want more of that? If it's competitive against higher tiers, it's absolutely broken and far too good against lower tiers.

World Of Tanks. New And Improved KV-5. Review And Gameplay.

If you make it "balanced" against lower tiers it will be worthless against higher tiers. A tank that is facing both tier 6 tanks and tier 10 tanks is never going to be possible to balance. Those games will have you see a maximum of 3 Tier 10 tanks.

You have a team, you are not a one man army. Yes, the classic "it's a team game" argument where broken things are defended with "someone else has to do it". I don't think I've ever seen a game with less teamwork and much more often than not when you expect a teammate to do the heavy lifting for you he will fail.

That is just not a practical approach and it results in lots and lots of frustration. The whole point of preferential matchmaking is that you've been able to do the heavy lifting duty yourself even if your tank is a bit underpowered compared to its peers.

If teammates want to support you, that's great but you're not overly reliant on them doing the right plays that they most likely fail to do. Removing preferential matchmaking just turns more and more heavy tanks into narrow, useless support tanks that the game is already has far too many of. And just to clear it up, facing tier 10 tanks on your flank often turns it unplayable for your tier 8. You also face those tier 9s that still have noticeably better tanks than you.

Which team games do you know of where one player is supposed to do the heavy lifting, AKA being a one man army? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a team game? This is a team game, that is why it is a "classic". Do you even own a KV-5??? Currently it sees 5 tier9s each and every game you play in it. And as you more often than not don't have much choice to go to a heavy spot that means you will be fighting tier9 heavies which, in the current state, the kv-5 has no chance of dealing with whatsoever.

So with the pen buff at least you can deal with tier9s. Lentomies1, on 23 May - KV-5 is a ramming tool anyway. Putt a spall liner on it, and you don't even need speed to screw it up for most of them. I don't seek out the tier X armor first.

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As my Lowe is not soloing a Type 5. It helps my tier X HT's deal with it. Not the other way around. Sure the pen is not ideal. As lets be honest. The current Meta with the Type 4, Defender or even Patriot to name a few gives you more of a tough time now, then most normal tier X targets will do after the buffs. As even there, the new meta has run from a few of them.

KV-5 getting the top gun from KV-4 can be a good idea, but then no armour buff would be needed. That's just overbuffing a tank again. KV-5 gettong the top gin from KV-4 can be a good idea, but then no armour buff eould be needed. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Rebalancing KV-5 and other preferential matchmaking tanks. Started by Jotneblod , May 23 Jotneblod 1 Posted 23 May - So it's official - preferential matchmaking will be removed.

Edited by Jotneblod, 24 May - Nazgarth 2 Posted 23 May - I thought they would try hard NOT to do that.. What I like the most about the is that it doesn't have to deal with tier 10s, I specifically play it when I'm not in the mood for that looking at obj. Honestly, I wish they would downgrade these tanks a tier and balance around that instead of trying to make them face the tier they aren't supposed to.

I don't know what to say. Like, you have a tank with HP, at worst mm frontal armor, mm side armor and boxy shape, so it can still sidescrape and angle very effectively, 2. Just imagine how absolutely retarded this tank is when top tier.

Perfecting Preferential Premiums

However, it still has metres view range, the turret is awful against higher tiers, the hull also may get penned by higher tiers, and it has APCR pen, so it most likely will perform poor against tier 10s. The thing is however that you will mostly be fighting tier 10s, so Basically it's another tank that is completely broken when top tier and awful when bottom tier. At very least the KV-5 is going to be a better tank.

Without heavy APCR spam, which makes it actually fairly decent but it wont make any credits that way and effectively defeats the premium tank status, making it more a special reward tank without a prem status if anything , the KV-5 is just really, really bad. But I don't know if I think this was the best way of buffing it. The KV-5 was a universally well armored assault tank with high DPM and a silly weak spot, why is it being turned into something different? Hell, the whole turret and lack of mantlet is still a weakspot.

You just can't reverse sidescrape for having a bit more frontal survivability.

KV-5 - Global wiki.

That's a good tradeoff. Is that a good tradeoff from the perspective of a KV-5 player? That's not my point though; WG claimed to want to "preserve [ Reverse sidescrape has always been a gimmick. Functional, but a gimmick. The thing turns like a boat and not every map is Himmelsdorf where you can setup in an alley and stay there all game. The frontal weakspots are still frontal weakspots. The average pen has increased dramatically at tier 8 and the tank needs to be buffed to compensate or pen needs to be nerfed globally, which isn't happening right now. I've played my KV-5 for ages.

It's completely worthless right now. These buffs are welcome and I do not think they change what the tank is known for. The weakspots are still weakspots, they're just mildly buffed most tier 8 tanks have over pen, which still means the KV-5 with all its flat surfaces will still be very vulnerable frontally, but it will have some increased survivability against lower tiers. Losing reverse sidescrape in that process is perfectly fine. The proposed changes make R2D2 a 20mm weaker than the turret plate instead of the current 30 to 40mm weaker, and no weaker than the smaller "dome".

Plus, mm of armor is a lot at tier 8, a far cry from what R2D2 is currently. And yes, tier 8's are still going to cut through the tank like butter, but then what is even the point? All this frontal armor buff is doing is making the KV-5 better a bullying tanks it can already see in battle 6's and 7's , and does nothing to help it fight tier 10s.

It's like WG is saying "hey, we know it's going to suck fighting tier Xs, so in exchange you can bully tier 6's when your top tier"; that, IMO, isn't a good way to go about buffing the tank. For all of the tanks that are having pref-matchmaking removed, the buffs should revolve around better equipping the tanks to fight the higher tier tanks they will now be facing. In the case of the KV-5, why not instead give it buffs in gun handling or mobility on top of the proposed damage, DPM, and pen buffs that would help it perform better regardless of what it is facing instead of slapping some generic armor buffs on the front.

A curious amount of tier 9s still have tier 9 guns, and not fully fledged tier 10 guns with lower DPM. So it will probably make quite a different. Type 59 is too much of a carrot on a stick for them to make it trash, i expect it to come out of this change in a very healthy perhaps OP state. Perhaps it will be part of the exclusive list? That way we can trade in other PMM tanks for the Type WG still makes money because people will have to pay up to gold for the trade.

Why the fuck do they need to nerf the armor so much, when every tier 8 already had the pen to pen the sides and rear easily. So if I understood it correctly, they are giving R2D2 a small armor buff, making the gun significantly better though not great, while making it so you can't side scrape with it anymore. It still has mm of side armor with a buffed turret, what do you mean it can't side scrape? The current meta makes it pointless though, most t8 heavies and especially TDs will cut through that with standard AP without issue.

If they dont theyll load gold and do it with their next shot instead. Unless they can offer me some substantially rare tanks I'll not be impressed. No doubt it will be crap alternatives. If I can trade this pos in for a patriot or liberte I'll do it in a heartbeat, even with these buffs it seeing tier 10s like the maus or type 5 with mm of premium pen sounds awful. Tier 8 average standard pen is less than mm.

That said, tier 8 average gold pen is a bit higher at around mm. I highly doubt you will be able to trade it in for either of those two. Most likely will be able to trade it in only for the same tanks that were available for trade in last time. The liberte is in the tech tree so you are very likely able to trade in for it. Furthermore, they're saying you will be able to trade for a very exclusive list that is not even ingame, so i think they're gonna make the trade-in options very nice to compensate for the fact you're prefs are becoming non prefs and you have to pay 2k gold.

I stand corrected next time I should read it all before commenting. It's a Russian heavy, you would have to be able to trade it for a russian heavy to keep crew training. Try to read the news, dude. Seems your crystal ball is dirty. They are clear, "every tanker will be able to exchange a particular machine through the special trade-in option for an exclusive list of tanks not available in the common trade-in.

Rethink and see that the option will be more probable. I bet gold that will be possible to get a U. For the buy value, adding 2k gold should be an option for heavy tank that cost much than meds. So, yes, there are chances to trade in for a Defender. We hear your feedback on the trade-in and I have made a forum post addressing the topic here:. Your reactions to this news have largely been negative and I completely understand - something you purchased is being changed and you are being told your primary alternative if you don't like it is to spend more gold.

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  5. Matchmaking.

The idea was that players would have the option of a scale of vehicles to choose to swap for directly, all of which would be of significantly greater gold value than a refund. This was not presented well, and we hear and have shared your feedback on this announcement immediately. We will be reviewing this plan with the global team and will share updates with you on any changes when they are ready. Our primary goal here is to solve the problems in Matchmaking currently being caused by vehicles with preferential mm by re-working them in a manner that maintains their unique characteristics but balances them for normal matchmaking appropriately.

Ideally we can do so in a way that leaves all current owners satisfied with their performance, but we did want to assure people there would be other options if they are not. In the meantime, please check out the changes to the KV-5 listed in the article above and let us know what you think. I am not sure I understand the whole trading the vehicle thing. Do we have to pay WG gold to change it, or will they pay us the difference of up to gold to the new tank we might pick assumed new tank has lower price?

The tank gets reworked and you keep it, if you don't like it you can exchange it for Gold to another tank tho its not clear which tanks. People enjoy frontline because you can farm tons of xp and credits and it doesn't hurt any stats of you do poorly and it doesn't actually matter a whole lot if you win or lose. Bonus points, it's same tier mm and there are rewards for ranking up and doing well. This re-balance would be welcome for me. I have owned a KV-5 for years, but I ended up parking it and retraining the crew over 6 months ago as it was just getting beaten up with the revised MM.

Idk man, I two-marked my KV-5 a few months ago, my third two-marked tank ever, and that was with the current MM. I used a fair amount of gold ammo but I made it work. Got my first and so far only Kolobanov's medal during the grind to two-marks too. It was enjoyable enough. I like the KV-5 as it is. The mobility and pen suck but as a brawler it can hit weakspots alright when you know where they are and what you can overmatch from the height of the gun.

I have owned a KV-5 for years, but I ended up parking it and retraining the crew over 6 months ago. It's a premium Soviet heavy. Why even have a dedicated crew trained for the KV-5 in the 1st place?? Full Gold Refunds are appropriate in this situation. Wargaming's failure to adequately compensate its player base for such drastic changes will result in adverse consequences. I feel an education is upcoming WG's innovative solution to their lack of ability to balance tanks correctly or in a timely manner is to simply remove preferential MM in order to mask their failings with the matchmaker since 9.

This company knew well and good what they were going to do with preferential MM when selling the rare tanks during Christmas Advent Calendar and possibly before that while also dangling the Type 59 in front of everyone to promote gambling with the loot boxes.

Rebalancing KV-5 and other preferential matchmaking tanks.

This is not even mentioning all the PMM tanks available in the tree right now, when they are openly admitting today that they aren't working with new MM. For better or for worse when people buy these tanks they know what they are getting into. Now they will simply be substantially changing the virtual goods purchased by the consumer without offering any kind of reasonable compensation. Hell should be feel like it in the future, we'll change that too since we have set yet another precedent.

Just another scumbag move from a scumbag company. Thread on the official forum is certainly fun right now. For the next year or more there will be a monthly shitshow for each preferred MM tank ,after WG either. Buffs a prem way too much B. Buffs are essentially worthless C. Charges way too much gold for trade-in on each one. The shitstorm on the forums and social media will be unbelievable , constantly. There will backtracking , 2nd offers , changes in offers , and anger at previous revamps of why they didn't get this offere.

I say this as an owner of IS6 , T , Type 59 , E , AT15a and so on , and each patch will be like a roll of the roulette table it seems for the future. JT88 is going to be fun with the 88 against bobjects and Type5s. They can't buff the pen on that, the 88mm is used by other tanks like the Jagdpanther as an example so mm pen is what it'll stay with. Why couldn't they change the pen on the gun? They are doing the same with the gun of the KV-5 which is used on quite a few Russian vehicles too. They should try to keep the gameplay similar.

JT88 is known for its insane firerate and DPM, so if they replaced the gun with the mm it would completely change how the tank plays, turning it from a DPM spam monster into a Ferdinand copy - it would no longer be the tank I paid for. I'd be happy if they made the gold round standard and buffed its DPM.

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It would be competitive but have the same flavor as before. Two loaders, lots of room designed to handle mm gun breech and shells In most cases, it's not the premium tanks causing a MM isssue, it's lack of players. The central server doesn't mean jack shit to me as I'm waiting just as long in queue as I did on US East. Are you playing at 2am and MM is taking forever? Well no fucking shit buckwheat, it's 2am! With the sheer number of tanks the game offers and the overwhelming amount of time needed to unlock just a fraction of those tanks is mind boggling.

When you put 'the easy route' behind a pay-wall, it seriously discourages people to play your game. We shouldn't need premium time, premium tanks, and booster packs to make the game play at an acceptable level of progression. WG, your tanks often cost as much as an entirely brand new AAA game. Do something to make it worthwile instead of what you are currently doing or trying to do in this case.

You don't need to be a financial genius to see that WG is making a metric fuckton of money. It's kind of about time you give back to the people that made you all rich beyond measure. The idea is to remove the pref mm tanks so tier 8 doesn't see so many tier games. As it is, if there's 50 tier 8's in queue, maybe 25 of them are pref mm tanks. Well now there's only 25 regular tier 8's, so you can't do an all tier 8 game.

So the MM makes 4 games of where 3 of them are bottom tier and 1 game is 3 tier 8's. Remove the pref mm tanks and you've got 50 people in queue and they can take 30 of those and make an all tier 8 game and then do whatever with the other That's how virtually every f2p game has ever worked. It's pay to grind less. Also, your american money doesn't mean much to them. EU is their cash cow, not NA. They spend almost as much as we do per person, and there are times as many of them at a bare minimum. Object V4 flashbacks Wow getting rid of pref MM. I may request a refund on all my prefered tanks now.

This is actually unacceptable. They are always victims of their own shortsighted, unplanned, arrogant ways. And often punish the players for making use of the result: They knee-jerked in response as if the players had done something wrong, and never gave us them again even if more rarely. Will they replace jg tiger 8. That would literally make it an elite Jadgtiger at tier 8. The 88mm stays, but will probably get buffs.

Lots and lots of buffs. I think he means the short Effectively making it a "stock" JTiger at tier Its a stock jagdtiger as a tier 8 prem, so likely the jagdtiger 88 will become that. We have to wait and see really. Who knows, maybe it'll have other changes but that variant will be a trade in option. Same blistering ROF, same excellent accuracy, just far better pen. It'd be a start, at least.

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