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For people with RA, a cane may be one of those things at some point. You can fight it, or you can embrace it. Experts are interested in this possible precursor to rheumatoid arthritis RA and its potential role in the diagnosis or prevention of RA.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis: Best Fall Breakfasts Take advantage and dig into these autumn specialties, loaded with nutrients that help fight inflammation and may ease RA symptoms. Don't Let Stress Be Part of Your School Routine Parents living with rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illness may need seasonal reminders to avoid getting swept up in back-to-school stress.

Community Thoughts: Dating with RA

However, there is one rule that Payne and Morasso say to stick to — never reveal your condition during intimacy. Disclosing during sex can also be unfair to your partner, who might need more time to process the news, adds Morasso. Instead, confidently share how you manage your condition and your plans to have a healthy, happy future despite any challenges along the way, he says.

Conner says to share ways arthritis has changed your life for the better.

Perhaps avoid these times!

Do you appreciate the simpler things in life more? Has it brought you closer to your family? Have you made new friends because of it or volunteer in new ways?

When to Tell a New Partner About Arthritis

Use arthritis to showcase the best version of yourself, he says. Lastly, keep it casual.

Instead, set a date to tell your potential mate about your arthritis, and plan your approach. You are living with it. Counter has learned to describe her symptoms in terms people can relate to — like saying she often feels that soreness people have after a hard workout at the gym.

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Discover what makes you amazing and flaunt it. He suggests that developing a passion will help your love life: Be open to developing a relationship you already have. Counter fell in love with a friend — someone who had seen her at her best and worst long before they started dating.