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The Doctrina does not begin with prayers but with a short instruction in the Latin alphabet, a syllabary, and its counterparts in the Tagalog baybayin script. The alphabet, as it appears in the Doctrina, consist of the following:.

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Beginning in the 17 th Century, colonized Filipinos followed the Spanish alphabet and its developments. Eventually, the number of letters in the alphabet used In the islands, called the abecedario , reached 32 letters:. The end of Spanish rule and the arrival of the American style public education in the Philippines introduced Filipinos to the English language and to its letter alphabet.

Despite this, the abecedario remained in use by Philippine languages, as many words still used Spanish letters. However, the use of abecedario was threatened by both the English-based educational and Philippine nationalism.

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In , following the establishment of the Philippine Commonwealth, the government ordered for the adoption of a national language based on Tagalog, and for the preparation of a dictionary and a grammar book for the national language. In , Lope K. Apart from rules on grammar, it contained the alphabet for the national language — the abakada , named after its first 3 letters.

Following the advice of past scholars, Santos retained only one letter to represent a significant sound in the Tagalog language —for example, since C, Q, and K often made the same sound in Tagalog, only one should be retained. The resulting product of this logic reduced the 32 letter abecedario into 20 letters.

Furthermore, the letters were to be read in an abakada manner as opposed to the English or Spanish pronunciaton of the letters.


In that period, questions were raised about the validity of Tagalog as basis of the national language, as majority of Filipinos spoke other native Philippine languages, causing a debate in the definition of the national language. The Constitution issued a new definition of the national language, renaming it as Filipino and stating that it is a language in the process of development.

Based on this definition, a revision of the Filipino alphabet was needed, as abakada was a Tagalog alphabet.

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This change in the alphabet followed the Filipino Orthography Reform approved by the Institute of the National Language. With the 11 letters included, the alphabet became similar to the old abecedario with its 31 letters:.


However, the revised Filipino alphabet drew criticism due to the addition of more unnecessary letters. The current 28 letter Filipino alphabet was established following the signing of the Constitution. Following the constitutional mandate of developing Filipino with the other non-Tagalog native languages in mind, the comission undertook a study on reforming yet again the Filipino alphabet and spelling rules of Filipino to reflect the alphabets and spelling methods of other Philippine languages.

The voice in the app was recorded by Cheryl and we are both Pinoys and native Filipino speakers: The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android.

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