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Living in Louisiana takes the whole "awkward firsts" thing to a new level. There are those awkward milestones in every relationship, you know, like the first time you meet their parents or the first time you pee in front of each other, normal relationship stuff. But there are a few firsts that only residents of The Boot will ever understand.

Now, I am no pro-dater, so I'm sure there are a ton of awkward Louisiana firsts that I missed. If you think of one leave a comment and I will add it to the list!

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Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The first time you and your significant other go to a crawfish boil together and you think they are leaning in for a kiss, but they make a last minute napkin grab and wipe the crawfish juice off of your chin. Seriously though, does no one just throw one necklace at a time anymore? Every time you exhale it reeks of meat and the holy trinity, and not in a good way. People are really self-conscious about the way feeding tubes look once they are placed, and I get it.

We could be in a group of people talking about literally anything.

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By the way, did you know Gun has a feeding tube? I told this story in my CFproblems blog , so here are the spark notes. We cough, make weird breathing noises and fart in our sleep. Take all of that and put it on top of a feeding tube and a PICC line.

Dating firsts Tennessee

I know my girlfriend is paranoid during those times, and probably for good reason. I would NOT be a happy person if one of those things got ripped out of me in the middle of the night. I think this one is a little weird, but the girlfriend was pretty insistent on this one. My girlfriend did, however, come with me to a long study visit, and it was back within the first 6 months that we started dating. She felt like she wanted to see what it looked like — after all, how many somethings have seen the inside of a specialized clinic?. I compromised with a study visit.

It took me about a year and a half to let my girlfriend actively assist in my care. In fact she had to explicitly tell me that she wanted to help. I decided I would make her first shot at helping a memorable experience, so I had my girlfriend swap out an IV med while I was driving on the highway. After all, that is how I learned how to drive. First time out, my dad threw me on the Northern State Parkway in a thunderstorm — I was 16 and we both survived.

7 Fun "Firsts" in a Relationship to Look Forward to Love

I figured I would put her through a similar situation when learning how to operate an IV — alcohol-saline-alcohol-med from the passenger seat across the center consol. A job well done! This is a scary one for a lot people, and it often serves as the deal breaker for quite a few people with CF. Male infertility is a reality in CF. Nothing in my body works properly.

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Someone help a guy out in the comments. All I know about infertility is that one of the ways around it involves a giant needle…. Last year I was slated to be a plus 1 for a wedding. I had to cancel on my girlfriend and her family like a day or two before. This is really kind of a hard one for everyone, I think. My girlfriend is really good about watching out for my health.

The way we see it is that the more time I spend being sick, the less time there is to do things we want to do. In fact all my friends are like that. There was a time about a year and a half ago when my girlfriend was having some health issues and she was spending evenings at her local ER until the doctors were able to figure out what was going on. The ER during flu season is like the last place anyone with CF should ever be. I did defy her wishes one evening when her family was out of town.

I was all masked and gloved up in the ER with her until her mom and brother were able to get there.

16 Awkward Firsts That Every Relationship Has To Suffer Through

I think we all have some fear or anxiety of feeling totally helpless. Like anything else though, I think these are also times when can learn a lot about a bunch of different things.

Only a handful of people have seen me that way, now that I really think about it. It impacts just about every single part of the day, from sleeping, eating, coughing, walking, to feeling.