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And this is one example of why you can trust psych majors. Psych majors are also trained to remain non-judgmental in the course of their studies, and later their patients. Basically, psych majors are encouraged not to judge their patients, even when they are talking about disturbing things such as cheating on their spouses or the desire to hurt people. This is not only crucial in the world of psychology, but also within relationships. Another reason to fall in love with psych majors is because of the stability they offer. While that in itself is not enough of a reason to fall in love with someone, it helps with knowing that in the future, your relationship will be stable financially.

There will always be a demand for psych majors, because sadly people are suffering from psychological issues more and more every day. As previously mentioned, psychology is not an easy subject, despite what a lot of people think. There is so much deep thought that goes into this subject, and it often forces psych majors to think outside of the box in ways they might never have considered in the past.

A lot of people will tell you that psych majors are capable of having some of the most interesting discussions you will ever hear. This article as really good! Easy to follow, cheesy but the information was educational. Some of the facts listed are actually accurate. I am psychology major and the majority of the information does apply to my personality and way of thinking.


One thing to note is that the article mentioned training to certain traits psych majors have but that necessarily is not the case with everyone. Some people are naturally like that psychology may have just enhanced it even more. Hello i am Gaytri Verma your articles very good directly relate to normal life. I am feeling very good read your articles. I have never loved a psychology major, but I have had a best friend who was a psychology major that I loved in a different way. This article really gave me insight into my friends life and how she acts and analyzed situations.

I feel she did not fit every item on this list, but everyone is unique and different. A lot of the points on this list were spot on with her character and who she is. This intrigues me to want to meet more psychology majors in my life. This is a very well-written article. You can tell that there was thought and research put into it, which pays off for the reader. There were very few grammatical errors as well.

Your style of writing makes this an easy read. All of your words flowed together nicely. I also enjoyed the topic because I am a soon-to-be psych major, and knowing ther psych majors as well, I can say that this is a spot-on list. One thing to note is that the article mentioned training to certain traits psych majors have, but that necessarily is not the case with everyone.

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Some people are naturally like that, psychology may have just enhanced it even more. We psych majors do not give advices. Asked for to join her for the kick off party of a lifetime for you and your guests.

Online dating psychology student

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10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Psych Majors

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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Psych Major | InkBlots and IceBergs

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