Princeton dating scene

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University of California, Berkeley. University of California, Santa Barbara. University of Southern California. San Francisco State University.

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Coined the 'anti-Tinder', The Dating Ring debuted its app in New York earlier this week, where the company originally started a year and a half ago, and in San Francisco, where it expanded to last spring. Dating Ring matchmakers then look at at the matches generated through the app and approve each one before contacting the user about the match. Once users indicate they are interested in a potential match, the matchmaker will connect the pair to a private messaging system where they can chat with each other.

We want people to actually learn more about a person. You really have nothing to go on based only on photos. We understand that photos and looks are a part of the dating process, but there is so much more that goes into compatibility,' Dating Ring executive matchmaker Courteney Kay told SF Weekly.

Did your Tinder date go to Princeton? You might want to cancel: Share this article Share. University of Chicago 3. University of Washington 5. Michigan State University 6. University of California, Berkeley 8. University of Pennsylvania 9. University of Texas Austin 4. University of Southern California 5. University of Delaware 7. San Francisco State University 8. Dating Ring "The Anti-Tinder": Share or comment on this article: Colleges with the least and most dateable alumni revealed e-mail.

More specifically, is there anything resembling a dating scene in Princeton? My guess is no.

Maybe I would have to go to New Brunswick for that. I was wondering how far the Princeton stipend would stretch if the town is so expensive Can you live on 19k and still go and have some tea once in a while Sue me I do not drink coffee, i live in the UK.

College Confidential Guide to Dating at Princeton

I think that you could. It's hard to judge since I lived there as an undergrad. The real key is being willing to ride the bus or drive a car to Route 1 to go shopping. ShopRite is great and affordable; Wegman's is nicer but more expensive. Shopping only at the Wild Oats that's walking distance from campus will really eat into your stipend.

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I am seriously considering accepting an offer from Princeton University but I want to find out whether I can live somewhere besides Princeton. My girlfriend, who is saintly enough to move with me, works in publishing, and would likely be working in NYC. In fairness to her, I want to find out if there are places that we could live to make her commute easier without making my life a study of public transportation.

Maybe something just across the river from Manhattan Jersey City? The ride is comfortable and not that long. I would recommend finding a place somewhere between New Brunswick and NYC that's on that NJ Transit line, and that way neither of your commutes will be too long. Even if you live in Princeton, her commute won't be that bad, especially since there are express lines that stop at Princeton. I took that train every day the summer before last, and it was a pretty comfortable and dependable ride. It would also be good to know whether there are actually places that you can live that are affordable and more than just a bedroom in a bedroom community.

Ideally and I realize that this is a lofty goal we would move to some place that is easy to get to by train from NYC and Princeton, has some character of its own, and doesn't have an insanely high cost of living. Since we will be splitting expenses we can afford a little more than if I were by myself, living on a humanities stipend.

Black Men at Princeton Share Their Experiences

They have monthly, weekly and I believe yearly passes. The train itself runs until about 2 am I believe and starts up again at 4 am, but I'm not sure about when the transportation from Princeton Junction to the campus ends.

I would probably suggest New Brunswick as a good midway point because it's a fun town to live in, the express train to New York runs through it and rent isn't bad at all also they have these fat sandwiches that are unreal. Wait until I tell them what informed my decision. Maybe I'll have some extra time to visit New Brunswick when I visit in march. He says it's cheaper to buy individual tickets if he takes any vacation days: Jersey City would not be an easy commute to Princeton.

The best would be somewhere on the Northeast Corridor line, as has already been mentioned. Metuchen, Edison, Elizabeth, Rahway No idea what rents run in these areas. Obviously living in Manhattan or anywhere closer to NYC is expensive, which is another thing to consider. As for train times, the last Dinky leaves campus around 2am, if memory serves.

Given that the main library Firestone closes around midnight or at least used to, this may've changed , you shouldn't have too much trouble making the last train. More from my friend: The Dinky move is to the other side of a parking lot to accommodate the construction of an arts neighborhood on that end of campus. I do know of graduate students and postdocs at Princeton who live in New York or Philly and commute. It's not fun, but it's certainly doable.

The town itself has many investment banker-types who commute Monday-Friday.

There is no bar scene. You will drink at the D-Bar liquor subsidized by the university! However watching 18 year-olds puke themselves gets tiresome after awhile. But I think grad students do make their own life and there are always parties and various goings on. There's no hiking per se, but a bike is an excellent idea.


There's a lake and you can rent canoes. There is also a tow path that goes from Trenton, through Princeton, all the way somewhere else and which you can run or bike. You can also bike through the Institute Woods. There are farms nearby that sell fresh produce. And you can party in New York City every weekend if you like. Echoing the poster above, I also know several graduate students whose significant others commuted to jobs in New York.

It really sucks for the one doing the commuting, and perhaps living somewhere inexpensive, but part way between New York and Princeton makes the most sense. Also, there are subsidized grad student apartments. I don't know what expensive is, but that's pretty cheap compared to NYC or Cambridge! Also, the movie theater tends to show arthouse and foreign films. And there are film festivals of course. Really, typical college town stuff. You date other graduate students or undergraduates, which happens on occasion, if you are a guy.

College Confidential Guide to Dating at Princeton

Boroughs said he made the app for people who feel the need to ask someone out but want to make sure the interest is mutual prior to doing so. The free app is exclusively for undergraduates, requiring a CAS login to enter. However, students are only notified if an interest is mutual, after which students can chat. The app can filter by residential college, department, or class year. All undergraduates already have profiles on the app, consisting of their University prox headshot and a blank bio. Boroughs remarked that while he did not believe the filters would be used extensively, he did want the option there for those who may want to find someone with similar classes or a similar major.

She said this would make students more comfortable, and thought it would work better anyway.