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Feminine energy How to stop being put into the friend zone How to make sure you project masculine energy without upsetting her The "big 4": Time for another blast from the past with one of our first ever podcasts. To this day Stone Cold Steve Austin is still one of my favorite guests and it's not for the reasons you think.

I remember being so impressed with Stone Cold because he had so many different sides to him which made him extremely interesting and strangely attractive. Not sure if I'm supposed to reveal this cause it may ruin his "bad boy" image BUT Steve's actually one of the nicest men I have ever met. His public persona would make you think other wise but he was the sweetest, nicest man I've ever met and all of us girls were in love with him by the end of the podcast. YES we were attracted to him even though he was nice, respectful, and very polite! Steve was open and ready for anything me, Kristen and Haely threw his way.

Nothing was off limits for discussion which is how we like it. Steve revealed to us: Are you a people pleaser? This weeks episode is all about how to own YOU and be proud of who you are and how to stop being a people pleaser. Even if you are a woman, you will LOVE this episode. On this episode we over analyze and discuss: How to figure out who you are and what you like about you How to be proud of who you are and express that to others How to connect to women through your differences How to be ballsy with women without being a jerk How to select people that want what you want How to spot red flags before you get too deep How to respect yourself in dating And so much more!

I'm sure you've heard women say things like "I just want him to pin me up against a wall and take me" or "don't be so tender. I really want that Grr So many men are confused about what women want in the bedroom. They're even more afraid to do something that could be seen as disrespectful or aggressive. Which is why this week Kristen and I explain how to treat a woman like a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed!!!!!

Even if you are a woman, you'll love this episode. We also over analyze: Stupid mistakes guys make on datesHow to broach sticky subjects like STD testing, condoms Are rich people more attractive and why? How to get back at girls who rejected you without being petty and childishHow to know what women really want vs. We're diving into our Vault of old episodes and bringing back an awesome episode that we originally recorded in with Tucker Maxx. Or as most people know him "the ultimate A-hole". Tucker joins us and reveals how he got so successful with women and how he turned his player status around and found the perfect woman for him.

He spent quite some time identifying the type of woman he wanted and that helped him narrow down how and where he would meet the right women for him. He explains it much better than me: We also discussed and overanalyzed: How to be okay with being selfish and focusing on YOU How to "just be you" How to set your dating boundaries How approaching women for sex is different than approaching for a relationship How to express your wants to women How to become a player How to figure out what kind of woman you want How to be unapologetic and honest without being an A-hole Plus so much more!

Holly and Become a supporter of this podcast: This weeks episode is very interesting because you get to hear how 2 women talk about guys that they can't stop thinking about. Even though they say they're not into these guys BUT as you'll hear, they sure do spend a lot of energy complaining and thinking about these guys. Even saying that because of their behavior, it makes them want his attention more. As you'll learn from this episode, there are little things you can do to get a woman thinking about you, wanting you to ask her out and getting her to chase you.

Rachel O'brien To have your question over analyzed send them to ask askwomenpodcast. The way to any woman's ummmm heart ; is through a lot of teasing and challenging. If you are not flirting with women that you are interested in, you are not attracting them. That's why on this weeks episode we want to dive into how to playfully tease and challenge CORRECTLY so that women will be excited by you and not shove you straight into the friend zone! Tripp from the popular VLOG Tripp Advice joins us to explain why women are so turned on by playful teasing and challenging and also provides examples of how to playfully tease and challenge women.

Bare with us as we try to master recording for ourselves. The sound is a little off but we're getting solutions and future episodes will be much better: Tripp from Tripp Advice To learn more about Tripp go to: We weren't sure what to title this episode because we covered sooooo many amazing topics with wonderful Adam Gilad. But a big chunk of this show was about how to calm, deal with and address a woman's emotions so that in the end, she likes you more. Whether it's a woman you are dating, your wife or even a family member or friend, this episode will tell you exactly what to say to calm any woman down and refrain from getting too emotional.

PLUS she will like you more and find you more attractive because of it. GOLD if you ask me: Myself and Adam give him actionable advice on how to sexually escalate a conversation with a woman. Whether it's a woman he meets on the street or a woman he's dating. Chuck is now armed with great transition statements that will help him easily escalate things to a more sexual level with any woman he wants. We also over analyzed and discussed Exercises that can help you practice Become a supporter of this podcast: How to talk to women is by far the 1 question that I get asked.

Which is why I've dedicated a full episode to the topic how to start and keep great conversations going. My guests Damona Hoffman and Adam Wayne are both experts in communication and were kind enough to share some of their exercises, tips and tools that they use to have awesome conversations that not only spark attraction but also create connection. Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn This week we also over analyze and discuss: How to learn to be playful 2. Questions to ask on dates 3. How to make a conversation flow 4.

How to impress a woman in the first 30 seconds of talking 5. How to be fun 6. The 3 C's for creating an attractive online profile And sooooo much more! To have your question over analyzed send them to ask askwomenp Become a supporter of this podcast: What the hell does it mean to be charming and how exactly does one become charming?

You see tons of other men charming the pants off of other women literally but you just can't seem to do it yourself. This week we dive into what it means to be charming and HOW to be charming. It's much easier than you think! Our guests Dave Hine and Kelsey Ale help define why women find charming men so attractive and how you can easily become charming. How to go from hello to making out with a woman in under 30 seconds Signs she's interested How to create sexual tension How to start a conversation that sparks attraction How to approach and talk to shy girls How to read a shy girls signals How to express confidence vs.

This week we dive into what you can do to make a great first impression with a woman. There are certain types of dates you can plan and things you can do on the date that will showcase you in a certain light and make her see you as a strong, attractive option. On this show we also discuss: If it's possible to redeem yourself after a bad first impression 2. Great date ideas even if you have no money 3. Mistakes men make that give a bad impression with women 4.

Easy things you can do to increase your confidence with women 5. What is means when a woman says she has a boyfriend 6. How to call out a woman when she tests ;you And much more! Is the person your dating the right person for you? Do they share your values? Are they a drain on your emotions and energy? Are they a psychopath?? These are important things to know before you get to deep into a relationship and reach the point of no return. That's why our guest, Heather Havenwood is on our show sharing her would you rather test for figuring out if the person you are dating is right for you.

How to read a woman's body language 2. What do certain body language signals from women really mean? Which would you rather technique and how to use it to select the right people for you 4. What are women in Texas attracted to? How to alter your own body language to be more attractive 6. How to explain to women that you are a MAN 7. How to make a woman open up and explain why she's upset in manglish Even if you are a woman, you will STILL enjoy this episode.

Heather Havenwood If you have a question you want answer Become a supporter of this podcast: Please please please take a moment to help us by filling out a survey here: What do we find attractive, what turns us off and what makes us want to you over other men? On this weeks episode we find out the answers to these questions plus much much more. The great thing about her is that she is a normal woman, not in entertainment which means she'll provide insight into what REAL women want.

How to express value to women without sounding arrogant 3. How to act on a first date 4. The 10 commandments of dating 5. What women are looking for on the 1st date 6.

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How to be thoughtful without coming across needy 7. Female 2nd date equ Become a supporter of this podcast: Approaching a random woman can be pretty freaking scary. That's why this week we have on a special guest who has developed an approaching anxiety annihilator called the 10 Second Detective.

Using this tools helps ease those feelings of nervousness and easily start conversations with women you just meet. How to get others talking 2. How to break why people out of their shell 4. How to tell if someone is shy vs. How to stop being shy 6. How to escalate things with a female friend or co-worker 7. Phil Listener If you have a question you want answered on air write into ask askwomenpodcast.

This week we dive deep into our inbox and answer questions from listeners. It's a full episode of over analyze this, which we actually tried to shorten to don't over analyze this and just give great advice ;- Pick up artist, life coach and apparently vessel for goddesses to speak through, Vince Kelvin joins us for great conversation, tips and advice. On this show we analyze and advise on: How to avoid the friend zone and get the hell out of it forever 2. WHY women test men and how to pass all tests with flying colors 3. Breaking down mixed messages and how to understand them 4.

How to give a good first impression 5. How to approach women and what to say And so much more! Vince Kelvin If you have a question you want answered on air write into ask askwomenpodcast. Do women give second chances and can you recover from a bad 1st impression? On this weeks episode we bring on one of our favorite regular guests, Marissa Madsen co-author of The F-Formula and super cute girl, to discuss this topic in great detail.

Quick tool to give you great body language and confidence 2. How to make phone calls less scary 3. How to easily calm your nerves 4. How to have good conversations with women 5. Proper date attire 6. Sexuality killers And so much more!! Marissa Madsen If you have a question you want answered on air write into ask askwomenpodcast. I'm not going to approach her because she seems busy If I approach now, it will seem creepy I can't approach her at the gym, that's just wrong These are just a few examples of the excuses I hear guys like you use every day to keep them from approaching the women they want.

But are these excuses a reality? Is it true that women don't want be approached? On this weeks episode of Ask Women we talk to 24 year old cutie, Clancy about whether or not women want to be approached AND how to approach women. Are women turned off by men that are femme? How to alter your voice to sound more masculine And sooooo much more! Clancy from 3 Day Rule http: Today we cover everybody's favorite topic Pick Up Artist Brad P joins us to discuss tactics for avoiding the friend zone and how to get out of it when you find yourself stuck in it.

On this show we also discussed: What to do when they start pulling away 2. How to re-spark attraction 3. How to appear confident even if you don't have confidence 4. How to pick the right people for you And so much more!! Brad P Learn more about Brad P and his 10 minute seduction technique here: To celebrate this huge milestone we dove deep into a topic that we know you want to better understand Comedian and hot girl Stevie Ryan joins us in studio as well as a rep from the hook up app pure, to tell us about casual sex from the female point of view.

On this weeks show we also discuss: Major turns off you may not even know you are doing 2. Top reasons why women will have casual sex 3. How to tell when a woman is up for just sex vs. Signs it's over and you should move on 5. How to spot red flags And so much more! Stevie Ryan and Nastya from Pure App If you have a question you want answered on air write into ask askwomenpodcast.

This weeks episode was an interesting one as we dove into the topic of when it may be smart to take a break from dating. We also talked about how to know when to avoid someone else. Sometimes it's just not the right time for dating! On this weeks show we also discussed: How to date when you feel depressed and down 2.

What to do get over that funk 3. Different types of depression 4. IF it's fair to date when you are depressed 5.

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  • How to date a person that suffers from depression 6. How to talk to women about your values And so much more! How the hell do you charm a woman?? There is so much information mixed information out there. Today's show was VERY interesting and I want you to really listen to it because this episode is a great example of real conversations women have about what they expect from men.

    Kristen and her guest, host of It's Complicated, Jen Golden discuss what they want in a man and the type of man their hoping to meet. Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn Good or bad. It's what they think and believe. Again a great episode to listen to because it will give you great insight into what women want AND what to do to give that to them without altering who you are. This week is also different because just like the conversation this episode is raw with no editing.

    Our editor is on vacation ;- On this show they also discuss: First date DO's 2. Witty first lines that work and don't work 3. HUGE turn offs you may be doing but are not aware you are doing 4. Online picture critiques 5. Tips for letting someone in and getting close 6. Vulnerab Become a supporter of this podcast: Relationships are no longer as cut and dry as they once were. Some people want to be monogamous. Some people want to be open and have multiple partners. Some people want to date people of the same sex. Some people don't identify with a "sex". On today's episode we talk about non-traditional relationships and how to define a relationship that works for you and your partner.

    Why pickup messes you up with women 2. How to spot your own patterns that are ruining your chances with women 3. How to play hard to get without pushing women away 4. How to be vulnerable with women without looking like a wuss 5. Alex Cooper This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen! For more information from Marni go to www. But the biggest theme throughout the show was exploring differences and how to decide your type and what is best for you when selecting mates, dates and casual partners. How to eliminate false beliefs and recognize excuses that are stopping you from getting what you want 2.

    How women think multi task and how it applies to sex 3. How womens brains are different 4. How to help a woman get out of her head 5. How to bring up sticky topics with women i. How to spot a flake or ghoster 7. How to be better on the phone 8. How to know if you are too different and when to call it quits Great openers and topics And tons more! Sam Tripoli This was a really fun episode and I promise you Become a supporter of this podcast: Getting over someone is one of the hardest things to do.

    That is, until you get under someone else ;-0 On this weeks episode we talk about things you can do to get over someone. Whether you were dating for a short period, a long period or not even at all, these things will help you get over a person and move on to bigger and greater. How to show someone you like them without looking needy or eager 2.

    How to have flowing conversation 4. What to do if you are still a virgin 5. If a feminine guy can still be seen as masculine and attractive to women And so much more! Jerry Rocha and Molly Harper This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen! Sometimes, you only get 1 shot to make a good impression. Which is why knowing how to rock that first impression is so important!!! That's why this weeks episode is all about the things to avoid when you first meet someone so that you do not make a bad first impression.

    On this episode we also discuss and cover: How to show value and pride vs. How to express who you are to a woman 4. Why lying will bite you in the butt every time 5. What to do if she flakes or doesn't respond to you 6. How to avoid screwing up over text 7. Cross culture dating and how to do it successfully 8. Best date ideas And so much more! Molly Harper This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen!

    Not even sure if I'm spelling Woo correctly. This weeks episode is all about Wooing and how to be devilishly charming. Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn We have Wooing expert in studio with us whose name happens to be Patrick Wu. His name didn't just happen by chance. He's actually extremely charming and provides great tips, advice and actual things to say that will make you come across as charming. Patrick was able to charm me by announcing to all podcast listeners just how funny I am compared to Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could I not like the guy after he said that, ha. We also have online expert Damona Hoffman giving some excellent tips on how to set up your profile and construct your first message. Signs she wants to play with you and signs she wants you to back off 2.

    How to have playful conversations 3. How to know when to call it quits 4. How to move your conversation forward from bante Become a supporter of this podcast: I know this is a question that every man wants to know the answer to. Do they like being seen as sexual? Do they want to be sexual? When is the right time to initiate sexual activity with a woman you are dating Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn Michael my client is joined by Kristen's doppelganger Zara Mizrahi she's really really pretty.

    We asked Michael to join us because he's been asking me a ton of questions, just like the ones above that we know are on your mind as well. One of these big questions is what do women think about sex. Which is a pretty big question that we're heavily diving into on today's episode. On this weeks Become a supporter of this podcast: Wikipedia defines romantic chemistry as: Chemistry relationship In the context of relationships, chemistry is a simple "emotion" that two people get when they share a special connection.

    It is not necessarily sexual. It is the impulse making one think "I need to see this [other] person again" - that feeling of "we click". But what the hell does that actually mean and HOW do you use this information to create chemistry with the people you meet.

    On this weeks episode we dive into what the heck chemistry means and how you can actually create chemistry with the people you date.

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    Chemistry Blockers defined - how to eliminate them and how to make sure you are creating the best opportunity for chemistry to be made 2. How to avoid getting crushed or hurt by someone whose just not that into you 3. How to communicate your intentions clearly to ensure you are on the same page 4. Does money matter to women AND when does it matter? How to decide if you hav Become a supporter of this podcast: Chelsea Handler friend and co-star Heather McDonald joins us in studio to discuss what it means to be a man in and what do women really respond to.

    Today's show involves some very sticky topics including the female POV on what IS sexual harassment and things women take offense to but aren't telling you about. We also dive into 1. How to avoid frustration and resentment in your Long Term Relationship 2. How to alleviate built up tension between you and your significant other 3.

    How to "work on" your relationship and what it actually means 4. How to have a successful long term relationship - secrets to success 5. The little things women do that confuse you 6. Insecurities women have that men don't know about 7. Things women do that you may misinterpret as her not liking you that actually mean something else And so much more! Heather McDonald and Mike Falzone This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen!

    For more information f Become a supporter of this podcast: How the hell do you start a conversation with a complete strange???? Or even worse, a woman you are attracted to??? Mike Falzone is back in studio with us to explain the art of active listening.

    Something that most people don't do but if they did, conversation would become so much easier for them. Mike gives us examples of: Why having a plan for conversation will screw you up with women every time Catherine Urbanek joins us for the 2nd half of the show to dig into our inbox and over analyze this!

    Ask Women Podcast: What Women Want by Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney on Apple Podcasts

    When and if and HOW to tell someone you are shy 2. Is it a turn off to be shy? Texting what is better? First date ideas and rules 5. Appropriate first dates for those you meet online 6. How to Become a supporter of this podcast: This week it's just Kristen and Marni in studio digging into our mail bag and over analyzing this!!! Topics covered on this show: Why women can change their mind about you at the drop of a dime 2. How to avoid creeping women out or being a creep 3. How to state your intentions without turning her off 4. How your mind is messing up your dating and sex life 5. Trick for making great eye contact that is intoxicating 6.

    Rules for texting and how to build attraction over text 7. What to talk to women about so that it showcases YOU and helps you select the best women for you 8. How to put you out there in a confident attractive way 9. How to avoid rejection AND so much more!!!! Great dating advice for men from a female perspective. Marni Kinrys, Kristen Carney and Curt This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen!

    Today's episode is a "special" episode of The Ask Women Podcast. We did a favor to our old producer and voice of man, Mo. He produces a show for The Rock's youtube channel called Friday Night Fred and he asked us if the host could come onto our show in character and of course we said YES.

    Some Well-intended Dating Questions Men Can Ask Women

    We can't say no to Mo. So this episode is really meant for entertainment BUT: It is entertaining and really funny 2. It does deliver really good, actionable information on how to approach a woman, ask her on a date and plan the date. The modern man and definition for masculinity 2. Why most guys hold back their personality from women and the negative result it has Nice guy, friend zone 3. When to bring up sticky topics or "things" about you that may turn someone off? This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen! This week we dive into dating protocols.

    The do's and the don'ts that tend to bite you in the butt and ruin your chances. It's tough to know when and how to do things and doing things at the wrong time and the wrong way, can totally screw things up. This week provide you with a cheat sheet for ALL things dating. Things like when to call after you get the number, when to text after a date, WHAT to text after a date, when to kiss, when to have sex, how to communicate what you want even if it's casual, how to end things, how to break up And so many more protocols that you will definitely come across when navigating the dating waters.

    We are joined in studio vivacious Kaz and Rude Jude. Kaz reveals to us about a big protocol mistake that her now ex boyfriend made. You don't want to miss this episode! Can you recover from making a bad first impression with women? Find out in today's podcast. The funny thing about women is that one day we can see you a certain way - e. This is good news for you!

    On this show, Marni is not in studio and it's just Kristen and KT Tatara discussing how it's possible to recover from making a bad 1st impression and how to you can do it. Good first messages to send vs. When to keep pursuing and when to know to quit 4. How to cast a more narrow net so that you can catch good partners 5. What qualities say "good partner for me" And so much more! We kept this episode extra intimate and did not bring on a guest. Myself, Kristen and our new sound board operator Omar whiz through tons of questions from listeners like you.

    On this show we cover: How to keep things casual with someone and how to handle it when they want more 2. How to date with confidence when you have an obvious disability or short coming this advice can be applied to anything you think is holding you back from dating 3. How to manage dating and relationship expectations so that both people are on the same page 4. How to eliminate the fear that everyone is watching you when you approach or talk to women 5. How to be bold and just go for it 7. How to pull others into your conversation with a woman so that you appear higher value and more interesting 8.

    How to ask a woman out in a cute and funny way lots of examples of what to do and how to do it 9. Why being bold Become a supporter of this podcast: We all know that in the beginning stages of meeting and dating someone, we don't really let our real selves show. It's not that you're hiding anything and neither are women BTW, it's just that in beginning everything is at it's best including us. Revealing the "real you" at the wrong time in the wrong way can be the 1 dating and relationship destroyer. So when is it time to get comfortable and start showing her the real you?

    AND how do you make sure that she's still attracted to you, once those sides get shows? Find out on today's episode. We have comedian Nick on the show to discuss when to reveal the real you and HOW to reveal the real you so that she wants to stick around. How there are multiple ways to say the same thing and what are the best ways to express things to women so that they won't hate you.

    What to do if you screw up and have a human moment and how to recover from it 3. How to bring up sticky topics with women and avoid conflict 4. Nickname No No Become a supporter of this podcast: This week is jam packed with awesome advice and direct instruction on how to kick start a successful dating life. Starting over, or even just starting to date, can be daunting, exhausting, confusing and let's face it Knowing where to start and what to do can leave a person feeling helpless and paralyzed.

    Which is why this week we help 2 "brothers" out for Help A Brother Out, who are facing the challenge of getting over those first dating bumps and kick starting their dating lives. We help them tackle: How and where to meet women 2. How to build up a social life that attracts and pulls women into YOU 3.

    How to approach women what to say, how to do it 4. How to date in a new city 5. How to utilize female friends without leading them on or making things confusing And so much more! With us in studio are also Tanya and Chris, both YouTube professionals. They deliver quality advice as well as unique perspectives. For more information from Marni go to http: This weeks episode of the Ask Women podcast we dive into how to really own who YOU are and project that to women. Now you may think this isn't a sexy topic, but to women being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what that skin looks like, is super important and attractive.

    Owning who you are, what you like, what you think and then sharing that with women is what makes for an attractive man. On this show we give you tips and tools to help you tap into your values and what it is that makes you YOU. We also teach you how to share that with others without coming across as braggy and arrogant.

    How to decide when your differences are TOO different 2. How to be okay with sharing your quirks with people you are dating 3. An introduction to role playing 4. Great resource suggestions to help build confidence 5. How to find new passions and get into new hobbies that make you interesting 6. Deal breakers and mistakes men make when approaching women and how to avoid making t Become a supporter of this podcast: This week we dive into the MANY places that you can meet women or people in general.

    Libby De Leon who Marni met randomly through a common contact PLUS we had a full conversation about the do's and don'ts of kissing. We talk about how women want to be kissed and huge turn offs when kissing. Chris Donaghue author of Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture. What does it mean when women say "I want to be with a man"?? Does it mean someone that is emotionally available? Someone that can punch a hole in the wall? Someone that can build a car? On this weeks podcast we discuss what it means to be a man from a female POV and dig deep into what women are really looking for in a man.

    What they're turned on by. What creeps them out. Even if you hate it, do it so that we can stay on the air!!! What is the best time and best way to ask a woman out so that she is guaranteed to say YES??? We also have sex therapist Aimee in studio and together we all discuss: The 1 biggest mistake men make with women that has them losing out on countless opportunities with women 2.

    Tip and trick for how to quickly get over heart break 3. What NOT to do after you get rejection 4. How to handle rejection with class 5. When is the right moment to ask a woman out And so much more! Check out this weeks episode now. You can find out more about Marni's Wing Girl Method by going to www. Sometimes what you want gets in the way of seeing what they are actually saying to you. For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to www. On this weeks "Ask Women" we talk about how to figure out if someone is the right match for you.

    They can be fun and interesting, but maybe not what your needs are needing. Plus we talk about how to approach women wearing headphones. Moving to a new city can be challenging in many ways. You are forced to start all over. A new social circle to find. New places to discover and a new confidence to hopefully gain. This week the girls talk to east coast transplant PJ to help him navigate moving to a new city and building a new life and dating scene. This week we cover a ton of topics including when and how to introduce someone you are dating to your family and friends. Clean How To Handle Rejection!!!

    This week we talk about the horrible moment of rejection and how it can make you feel afterwards. We give you steps, tools and advice on how to kick rejection in the butt. Katherine Urbanek and Randy Wayne 9. We answer questions from our listeners. We talk about dealing with women who are more confident that you. Follow Marni and Kristen on Twitter: We have dating coach and matchmaker Laurel House host of Famously Single. We talk about pre-qualifying, what does it mean, how do you do it and what questions to ask so you don't waste your time and money on the wrong girls.

    We also Help Another Brother Out! Plus we talk handling jealousy and how to avoid flakers. I have a very special episode for you today because Rich and Covino, hosts of Rich and Covino on Sirius, are in studio with us. Rich and Covino have been dishing out dating and relationship advice for nearly 2 decades. So they are pros and give solid, actionable, kick ass advice. Rich, Covino and myself talk super fast and we were able to jam in tons of topics and advice in just 54 minutes. This week our voice of man Terry Simpson joins us along with Tanya Bershadsky for some "Over Analyze This" - questions from our listeners!

    How to create boundaries in dating and what you should and should not accept from women. Justin back in studio for HABO! Sarah Aboufasha and Jason Horton reveal how to keep people interested, how to create passion and how to create excitement on your date so women want to come back for more. Kristen talks about her new found single life! Help a Brother Out with Sean who gets advice on approach anxiety and stating your intentions. Clean Getting Over Break-Ups. Dave Hines and Kim Seltzer were in the studio discussing the good the bad and the ugly in breakups. How to get over a break up and what to do to move on.

    Plus we talk divorce and dating as a single parent. Clean What Turns Kristen On? Jerod from Modern Male joins us to discuss how to truly be a modern male, we talk about approaching, talking and how to build confidence with women. Surprise guest, music mogul Master P joins us and confuses in the studio. Also hottie Sara from Equinox joins in. We discuss how to handle jealousy and huge mistakes men make on dates in their approach. We tell him where he went wrong and how to improve his dates in the future.

    Clean Ask Woman Talks Tantra!! Have you ever heard of Tantra? Tantra expert Psalm Isadora joins us in studio to teach all of us how to do Tantra even when we are by ourselves. Get ready for another episode of Help A Brother Out. This brother needs serious help with online dating and Marni and the Ask Women team give him step by step instructions on how to: Improve his online profile, make his online profile more attractive to women, write the best 1st emails to women online. Chad Braverman owner of Doc Johnson joins the girls and tells them the right way to talk to women about sex and what you want in the bedroom.

    The girls have their first Help A brother Out session with Roberto who is desperately trying to get over approach anxiety. Marni gives him a 1 on 1 coaching session and then opens it up to a few helpful guests to provide more advice on how to get over approach anxiety and help a brother out. Gives tips on how to successfully navigate first date mistakes to avoid and how to win her back. For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to http: What is the secret to getting and keeping a woman?

    Our guest Howie Mandel reveals to us how he has continued to make his wife happy for over 35 years. How to set boundaries with women 2. How laughing can be an aphrodisiac for women 4. How to avoid playing games but still create mystery with women 5. When to take things to the next level with a woman Follow Marni and Kristen on Twitter: Every master with women is a great story teller.

    This week the ladies teach you how to be a great identity story teller and create an emotional response with any woman you meet. We provide real life examples so you can hear the difference between a good way to talk to women and a bad way. How ANY man can be interesting 2. Do women find bald men attractive? Why confidence is sexy and what confidence really means to women 4. Step by step instructions on how to tell a woman a good story Follow Marni and Kristen on Twitter: Clean Approaching Women Italian Style!! Vinnie Tortorich joins the girls to discuss how to approach women Vinnie "Italian Style".

    He also explains how and why he rarely gets rejected when approaching a woman. Do women like them? Can they turn into more? How can you get a second "date? Also, are relationships better when you start out as friends? Nikki Goldstein, drops by to chat about how to really read and understand your partner. What kind of guys do women really want — The good or bad boy?

    Nikki has a lot of great advice for you! They say, if you don't know what someone wants Communication and honesty are key. Model, singer, entrepreneur, dancer, actress, Danielle Murray, is in studio talking about what she wants from a guy and how she gets it.

    From dinner dates to international trips, Danielle knows how men work and shares her tips! Seduction coach and pick up artist, Arash Dibazar, really ruffles some feathers on this show! He has multiple girlfriends and explains how it works and why he wants even more. Kelsey Ale is not impressed with Arash's ideas or approach and offers to own perspective to dating. Get ready for some fireworks!

    Famed "seduction coach," Vince Kelvin, drops by the show to discuss all things dating! He's got the tips and tricks you need to succeed in getting the girl you want, dating, love, and life. Bob Grant, "The Relationship Doctor," calls into the show! He's a dating advice expert and author of best selling dating books. Need dating help and advice? Then listen in now! He says that by being gay, he is the "link in the middle" and can relate to both sides - male and female. Check out what he has to say for "Over Analyze This" and much more Clean How to be a First Date Master.

    Kristen and Marni bring comedian Amir K in the studio to talk about dating, and dating advice. Also, what are the ins and outs of first dates? What tricks should you use and which should you avoid on your first dates? Comedian Francisco Ramos joins the show along with female voice, Kaz Santana to address cheating in relationships and nagging. Why do people cheat? How much nagging is too much? Kristen and Marni discuss dating deal breakers! Kids, herpes, living with parents Clean Post - Divorce Dating. This week we get deep not too deep about how we respond within relationships when we get hurt, feel separated, or perceive threats.

    Clean Online Dating Tips. Marni and Kristen are back in the studio for another episode of Ask Women. Today, online dating expert Damona Hoffman share insight while producer Andrew Steven jumps into the voice of man seat. You might make her flush crimson, you might even make her feel a bit embarrassed.

    Whatever her steamy answer is, make sure you seize on it and keep the excitement going. Indulge in a bit of role play and follow up with more questions, such as:. You know what she wants? She wants to impress you. Wants to look good for you. And she wants to feel sexy when she eventually meets you. As such, this is one of the best questions to ask women while online dating. It gets her talking about her tight-fitting dresses, her high-heels, her short skirts and her low-cut tops.

    It will turn her on and it will turn you on too. She might offer up a few outfits. She wants to know more about your tastes so that she can give you what you want. Forget talking about mere fantasies such as dressing up as a fireman. Crank up the heat, get her all flustered and find out what she really wants with a question about her most x-rated fantasy.

    Just make sure you can handle whatever she answers. Sometimes, you can turn her on in other ways without even alluding to sex. One of the first times I really got chatting to a woman online, she asked me if I liked cuddling. Women love to cuddle. While dirty talk gets them excited, so does the equally sensual cuddle talk. You want to be there for her, protect her, and this is a massive turn-on for women. You two cuddling in bed all day. Cuddling after a particularly hard day of work. That will help set you apart not only as a sexual being, but as someone mature enough to not just be all about sex.

    This type of question is yet another naughty and sexy way to open things up with a woman. It adds a little taboo to the discussion, which can throw gasoline on an already smoldering fire. Getting caught having sex with someone? Let her know how exciting it is to come close to being caught except by your grandma, of course!

    Lastly, find out which part of her body always gets her in the mood when a guy gives her some attention. Make she sure knows this, of course. These are the best 10 best questions to ask women while online dating to get them excited. Remember to always have a follow-up plan for what to text next and keep the heat levels rising. Jason Riotta is a dating expert who offers advice to men that helps them improve their success rate with women. Jason lives in Manhattan with his dog, but travels often and works from wherever he is.