Dating a type b personality

Check out Jeffrey Dahmer. He was relaxed as. What I mean by my post is that type A's get things done and are motivated.

Type B Personality potentially dating a Type A?

Assertive, motivated and know what they want do not equal to violent. One thing that is certain, though, if you run across those who style themselves type A, and they are in a position where they are able to lord it over your life, you must absolutely bring that asshole crashing down without pity or quarter. A person who believes they are type A has a diseased pathology in most cases.

They are usually takers who have no problem in stomping any one to get where they want to be. And I repeat this in all seriousness: If you let them take an inch, they'll take the world -- your world. They aren't type A. They're just arrogant pricks. Once you actually do put one of these horses asses on their backs, it will destroy their entire delusional worldview.

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They can deal with anything except their bubble bursting. Again, you are mistaking type A's for everything bad in the dictionary.

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You don;t seem to get thefact that any personality can be a prick. Take you for example: This human zoology comes from a theory that humans basically follow the same laws as a pride of lions, or wolves, where there is a selected alpha female and a selected alpha male. This is simply a theory and has no little to no evidence to support it. For in every case where you can find a supposed type A leader in mankind, you can also find a supposed type B.

What this demonstrates is that humans are neither cats, nor dogs. You can find an Alexander the Great, but you can also find a Mahatma Gandi. This never happens in lion prides and wolf packs. It happens all the time in humans. The hypothesis of type A and type B in human beings is a proven mythology. There are higher laws at work in humans. Laws that inter into the super-conscious, moral, and judicial realm. And I can almost wager that those who would be quickest to deny such, would also be quickest to assume the Alpha. Just always remember, when it comes to one who believes that are an alpha human, if you don't neutralize them, they'll neutralize you.

This false dialectic between an Alpha and a Beta is the most passive aggressive form of ego and character assassination possible. It is meant to neuter anyone but themselves. Because they sure don't mind assassinating you in order that they may live. This war is found in the grounds in which it waged. It wasn't waged by brawn or by firepower, but by psychological neutering of your very personhood and ego.

Show them no mercy, for this breed of dog knows none. I'm predominantly A but many days I just want to be a B. And being with a B has given me some of my childhood back, tbh. I dislike the test, most of the choices given were not what I would do. In my free time exercise is what I do but is not listed as an option, yet shopping is.

I do not act the same way every time. I adjust based on the situation. I naturally tend to lead, but if there is another person who desires to lead a group project then I have no problem being a team player. Type A would help type B in being more active, and type B would help type A calm the fuck down. There is no point in being in a relationship if no one gains anything. The type A personality belongs to the truly superior people in this world. My natural emotional inclinations hold me back, but I fully intend to do whatever it takes to become a true type A.


Do you have any knowledge of where type A's could be commonly found? I do know that a person tends to take on the traits of those they "hang around" with the most. I assume it has something to do with mirror neurons. If one befriends a number of type A's and frequently is around them, one should find it easier to become a type A themselves. A type A social network would be a rather good idea, but I digress. The type A's are destined to rule this world, the others are destined to be but petty servants in the true order of the land.

I think I can settle with anybody: D middle ground works best. Yes, but I only got a score And I'd rather not be irritating because you have a higher Type A score I guess there are people in between, but fair take. You sound like a very active person, good stuff! Could you help me pls? There's a type of friend I am totally confused about: Yeah and we don't like you either. You take everything way too seriously and no one likes you!

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People are different with many traits. I actually like the "laid back" attitude in many guys because it's stress free--if you know that you have no control over a situation, why are you going to get ulcers over it? I just hate people that are lazy and don't put effort into the relationship and have no life goals.

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I got somewhere in the middle.. I like type B personality though. Although I definitely wouldn't want to work with them when it comes to projects, they're what makes things more fun and relaxing. If I dated another type A, they would just enable some of my high strung behavior.

I've noticed from dating a type B that I've actually mellowed out and have learned to relax. Gosh this picture makes me mad for some reason. With type A's I don't believe that they should go for "opposites". I don't have any business dating someone like this. You Type B's should be dating your own kind.

There are several things you should consider before dating a type A like myself. I respected you and came 5 minutes early.

Into the Mind of Dating: Type A vs Type B Personalities

You should do the same. Walking In A Winter Wonderland There's something seriously wrong with you and it has something to do with furniture. Want a lesson in table manners? Growing Up British Pakistani I am walking My Birthday, My Year: What Guys Said Got , in reality I think I'm in the middle though. I have a little bit of both. This explains why you're so attractive to me We have a lot in common, but that is one glaring difference that I'm just not sure about.

Any non-worriers out there ever date or currently dating a total stress whore? Can you get along without bringing their stress into your life or has it been an epic failure? You can guess why we broke up but thats not the only reason. My ex was super organised and I am the opposite. I remember going on holidays with her, she would wake me up at 7am and have the day planned, sighteeing here and a tour to wherever Originally Posted by GilGrape.

What the hell are you guys talking about?